Friday, January 22, 2010

Christ Casting Out Demons - ICON

This ICON - Christ Casting Out Demons - egg tempera on wood panel - has been in progress for about three months now. But I'm close to finishing.

As described by St Luke, Christ encounters a man living in a graveyard who is possessed by demons. The demons identify themselves as "legion" or many. Christ commands the demons leave the man and go into a herd of swine. The swine them drown themselves in a nearby lake.

In my Icon I have added the Archangel Michael fighting Satan in the background to reinforce the basic theme of good vs evil. The figure on the right side represents humanity poised between heaven and hell. In my representation, Christ is rising above the filth of the world as he exorcises the demons from the possessed man.

I'll post a better photo later when I have finished sealing the Icon with a mixture of shellac and alcohol.



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