Friday, December 19, 2008

The Little Arkansas in Fall

The Little Arkansas in Fall - 20 x 20 oil on PVC

This seems to be the final version of "The Little Arkansas in Fall" which is the last in a series of seasonal paintings I have done of the river behind my studio. I should set up my "good" camera and use it to make photos of paintings instead of using my cell phone camera. But it will give you a good idea of what the painting looks like.

I tried to show the sweeping vista of fall colors which surrounded the river in November. I think that landscapes are inherently abstracted by the very subject matter. This painting is far from a photo rendering of the subject.

I hope to show this painting somewhere outside of Kansas. But then I would have to get some travel insurance and stay at an hotel somewhere. I'm tired of staying at hotels and traveling and have never liked the idea of insurance. Perhaps someday when I mortgage the house.

Let me know what you think...... thanks...

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Phillip Butler said...

A photo it is not, but that's not bad at all. Photos usually miss more than they capture. In a photo we see a moment in time, perhaps 1/400 of a second at random. In your paintings I have experienced a plethora of images distinct yet melded, an ongoing story of life and death; in the end finite, as it is still just a moment in time. But your moments, as they are, flow endlessly, transcending the normal definitions of time and space. My perception of your paintings is really hard to put into words; just keep up the the good work!