Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moon Gate O Fortuna, Velut Luna

"Moon Gate" is a sculpture which sits outside of James Butler Studios on a bluff overlooking the Little Arkansas River on the edge of Wichita KS. It is about eight feet in diameter and is constructed of cedar painted red.
"Moon Gate" was inspired by traditional Chinese circular gates built into doorways and constructed of stone.
Inscribed with "O Fortuna, velut Luna statu variabilis, semper crescis aut decrescis," from Carmina Burana the "Moon Gate" is an elegant yet stark connection to the lunar cycles which guide our lives.
"Moon Gate" was designed and assembled and installed by James Butler Studios. The basic carpentry was done by Bob Krause, a local craftsman.
Comments Anyone?????


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of our trips to Bermuda!

Good luck with the Studio. I'll respond in length to your regular e-mail address. Ann & Leo

Rene said...

What's the translation of the inscription? Never did take Latin.... :-)

James Butler said...

O Fortune, like the moon, ever changing, always rising and falling.