Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mermaid Mosaic

This is the famous mosaic which resides in the middle of the floor inside James Butler Studios. I finished it about two years ago. It was my first attempt at a real mosiac and it took me FOREVER to complete. I would sit on the deck for hours with small colored vitrious tiles and a tile cutter working on this design. Anyway, it's finished at last. It is in the style of some roman mosaics which I saw at Pompeii during my last trip to Italy.

The mosaic is about 28 inches in diameter. It is evocative of the river which flows past the studio a few yards away.

Let me know what you think... Comments???

1 comment:

Rene said...

Personally, I think it's awesome. I could never do such a piece of intricate work as that mosaic. I love the little waves around the edge and how they are reflected both in postive and negative with the blue and white. Very impressive.