Sunday, March 2, 2008

icons and impressionist painting - Final Friday Comments

Since it has been raining all day I have spent my time in the studio working on two completely diverse projects. I finished the Icon of Michael the Archangel (soon to post a photo) and worked some more on the egg tempera impressionist painting on the wood panel.

Then we went to lunch a quincys bar and grill and talked about renovating the kitchen.

A note about the Final Friday gallery crawl last Friday. We stopped by Exploration Place to look at our work (mine and Jan's) which we had delivered two days earlier. None of my work had gallery cards which would include prices, media etc and there were no signs directing visitors to the gallery. Also, there was nothing in the Friday Wichita Eagle about the exhibition. On the positive side, we did get to meet the new Director - Al Meloni and he seemed very impressed by out work in general. There was some discussion about painting another mural at Exploration Place. Hope it works out.

Spoke to Marilyn Grisham at the Fiber Studio on Commerce Street. She said she had looked at my promo CD and had no interest in exhibiting my work. Perhaps her gallery would not be the best venue for my work anyway. She is seldom open and rarely sells anything because she never promotes exhibitions.

WSU shift space did have some interesting pieces by KU grad students. They are starting to have some very good exhibitions on Final Fridays. Hope to see more of them.

Well, enough of that. Let me know if anyone out there has been on a recent Final Friday gallery crawl.

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