Saturday, March 8, 2008

Icon Boards

I've been trying to have some blank Icon boards made locally. I want to try to replicate (as much as possible) 11th century icon painting technique. So the boards should be made from beech or poplar and should have oak cross braces in the back. The first two places I went didn't want to make them. There were production woodshops. I suspect the order was too small for them to mess with. However, I have now found an independent woodworker near where I live who is looking at someway to make them for me. Hope he won't be too expensive.

If you have any questions about painting icons please leave me a quesiton in the comments and I will answer it.


mgoggi said...

hello, any and all info you can share in re. to icon writing would be appreciated. Do u know where to purchase inexpensive boards?

James Butler said...

A good source of high quality icon boards ready to paint on is where you will find an excellent selection.

You might also find a local commercial woodworking shop, one that will take small volume orders, to custom build some for you.