Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exhibition at Exploration Place

I had an exhibiton of 13 paintings ongoing at Exploration Place, a local interactive museum/education center here in Wichita. The exhibiton was supposed to last through the end of April. A couple of weeks into the exhibiton Exploration Place told me to remove the exhibit because they wanted to exhibit Steve Murillo's work instead. The few people who saw my paintings liked them and I was disappointed that they had to come down so quickly. I wish Exploration Place had honored it's agreement to exhibit my work through the end of April. Well, that's how it goes.

Jan Vavra, the other artist at James Butler Studios, had her paintings removed from Exploration Place also. She was equally disappointed that Exploration Place had broken it's contract with her to exhibit her work through the end of April.

Well, now we are looking for somewhere to park our paintings for a couple of months. I suppose they will wind up on the shelf in the studio instead of in exhibition.

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